SkyKick's Migration Suites Demo Day


Joana Roacha
Technical Account Manager -

Jenny Lee
Senior Product Marketing Manager


John Hardon


Jordan Rein
Senior Systems Engineer


Whether you’re already familiar with SkyKick or learning about us for the first time – see how we’re helping IT partners deliver more predictable and seamless email migrations to Office 365. 

In this 30-minute webinar, SkyKick is hosting a live demonstration and overview of how SkyKick’s Migration Suites is the only email migration software that uses intelligent end-to-end project automation technology to help partners standardize and accelerate their business. The webinar covers:

  • A leading MSP's perspective on best practices for growing a profitable migration practice
  • How IT partners are using SkyKick to streamline migration projects and deliver more value to their clients
  • Key capabilities and competencies within our Migration Suites
  • Best practices for getting started with SkyKick

Video navigation

  • 3:18 – Meet SkyKick, Partner, DCNC
  • 5:15 – Real cost of manual migrations
  • 9:51 – Value of bundling 
  • 10:39 – The SkyKick difference
  • 11:56 – Drive profitability with Migration Suites 
  • 16:17 – SkyKick Migration Suites Demo
  • 31:14 – Getting started
  • 32:34 – Questions

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