PowerShell automation re-imagined for MSPs to win in Microsoft 365 and beyond



Harpreet Duggal
Senior Director of Product Marketing 



Jenny Lee
Senior Product Marketing Manager


Shane Monty
President and CEO

SMB’s rapid adoption of SaaS and cloud solutions is vastly changing the scope of work for MSP’s Senior Engineers and Help Desk Technicians. Our upcoming webinar will demonstrate how SkyKick Cloud Manager empowers MSPs to automate IT more effectively and efficiently, while strengthening security and centralizing the administration of SaaS.  

Join us to learn how SkyKick Cloud Manager enables engineers to: 

  • Extend PowerShell automation capabilities outside the Microsoft 365 ecosystem 
  • Use an IDE with support to streamline script creation and collaboration 
  • Securely equip your Help Desk with basic and advanced automation capabilities 
  • Streamline multi-customer and hybrid management 
  • Improve your security and compliance posture  

This webinar is best-suited for technical stakeholders

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