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On 11 May, SkyKick hosted a virtual launch event with hundreds of MSPs to introduce a major new update of Cloud Manager.

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Winning in the era of managing the cloud

SkyKick’s co-CEOs, Todd Schwartz and Evan Richman share a perspective on where the MSP industry is today with automation, and the potential it’s unlocking for MSPs to grow help desk performance, deliver on cloud security, and grow revenues. 

Driving transformation through automation

MSP industry experts, Erick Simpson and Rich Freeman, discuss key opportunities for MSPs to grow efficiency and differentiate their cloud practice. 

Product overview and demo

SkyKick’s Senior Director of Product Management, Darren Peterson, explored the new capabilities and value inside Cloud Manager to help MSPs automate, manage, and secure their help desk, including Collections, Monitoring and Scheduling, and Advanced Permissions and Sharing.
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MSP peer perspectives: CalTech

Kenny Floyd, Cloud Services Engineer 

MSP peer perspectives: CompuVision

Saul Ansbacher, Automation Engineer

Stephan Soucy, Compliance Engineer

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