SkyKick's Cloud Backup Demo Day


Mark Pendergrast 
Director of Product Marketing


Krishna Tamburino

Technical Product Manager


Nearly every day brings news of another significant data breach, hacking episode, or other data loss scenario affecting productivity in companies of all sizes – from enterprises to small businesses.  Solution Providers across the globe are quickly recognizing that offering cloud backup is a critical component of their IT service mix.

In this 30-minute webinar, SkyKick is hosting a live demonstration of our SkyKick Cloud Backup service, a key Office 365 add-on that helps offset these risks and provide value to their end customers.  This webinar will cover:

  • Learn why Office 365 Cloud Backup is needed for SMBs - and how SkyKick can help you grow a business around it
  • Watch a live product demo of SkyKick Cloud Backup - and dig deep into set up, manage and restoring of critical Office 365 data 
  • Discover key capabilities and competencies within our Cloud Backup product 
  • Best practices for getting started with SkyKick

Protect Your Office 365 Experience Cloud Backup 

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