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Cloud Backup and Modern Authentication


In an era where remote work is increasingly driving demand for online tools such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, the importance of protecting critical productivity assets becomes even more acute. This is especially true knowing that online threats from malicious actors have increased 6-fold since the start of the COVID-19 crisis.

A key tactic for defending against these cybersecurity pressures has been adoption of secure access and authentication technologies, which act as a protected entry point for SaaS applications. In support of these efforts, SkyKick Cloud Backup recently made the transition to modern authentication. This move, powered underneath by the OAuth standard, enables partners to turn on Security Defaults and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on all Office 365 tenants being backed up.

In this 30-minute webinar, SkyKick product experts provide an overview of modern authentication within Cloud Backup and a live demonstration of its impact on the service itself. This webinar covers:

  • Context behind the move to modern authentication – What is it? And why is it important?
  • Details of the impact of modern authentication on Cloud Backup – What’s changed? What’s new?
  • Security best practices in using Cloud Backup – When to use MFA?

This webinar is best suited for technical leaders looking to get details on SkyKick Cloud Backup security practices. 

Speakers will include:  

  • Mark Pendergrast – Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Backup  
  • Krishna Tamburino – Technical Product Manager, Cloud Backup

On-Demand Webinar