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SkyKick Migration Suites Demo

Partners are leveraging SkyKick Migration Suites automation to eliminate up to 90% of manual work involved in moving clients to Microsoft 365 and increase customer satisfaction. In this demo-based webinar, you will learn how the end-to-end automation in the SkyKick Migration Suites enables successful Migrations, opening the door to recurring revenue for your practice.

The demo will focus on 4 key automation capabilities in SkyKick Migration Suites:

  • Sales Discovery & Planning – uncover customer source email parameters for accurate assessment, sales quoting, and project planning
  • Data Migration - maintain high data fidelity with automated data syncs before, during, and after cutover
  • Customer Experience - ensure each end user’s desktop is correctly configured for Microsoft 365 with Outlook Assistant
  • Employee Experience - easily track, monitor, and manage your in-progress migrations
This webinar is best suited for business or technical leaders looking to get an introduction to SkyKick's industry-leading migrations platform.

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