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2022 MSP Growth Hacks Series with Erick Simpson

Part Three: Become a pro at selling the Cloud, Cybersecurity and Peace of Mind

How do best-in-class MSPs position, sell and deliver enhanced cybersecurity and cloud services so easily, and leverage them to win business away from their entrenched competitors? And what are the minimum security services these mature MSPs require their clients to subscribe to without exception and how do they get them to say yes?

If you’re looking for proven ways to successfully position the value of; and urgency for, your clients’ more rapid adoption of cloud and cybersecurity services, watch this valuable Webinar!

Join me as I reveal the key strategies and tactics that mature, consultative MSPs use to win more cloud and cybersecurity business more easily than other providers; the minimum security services their clients must agree to, and how they manage cloud workloads securely and efficiently to grow client lifetime value and increase profits to reward staff and guard against employee churn.

This Webinar is for Business Owners, Operational, Technical and Sales Leaders

During the third of my four Webinars in this series, we’ll share:

  1. Bundling and pricing your cloud, cybersecurity, and remote support services to accelerate sales velocity and maximize profit
  2. How to conduct “the cybersecurity sales conversation” properly that guarantees clients and prospects will buy
  3. The 3 sales objections you will always get and how to easily overcome them

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Watch a 5-minute preview:


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