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2022 MSP Growth Hacks Series with Erick Simpson

Part One: MSP Growth Strategy for the post-pandemic world

This is your year of change and opportunity – are you ready to sell, deliver, support and secure the services and solutions that post-pandemic buyers are now investing in more than ever before? According to McKinsey, businesses have increased their remote workforce adoption by 43 times, data security by 23 times and accelerated their migration to the cloud 24 times faster during the pandemic – and these changes are here to stay. 

If you’ve struggled with technician churn, customer attrition, stagnant business growth or lack of service efficiency and profitability the last couple of years, you were simply missing the right information and playbook. During this must-attend session, MSP, Cloud and Cybersecurity expert Erick Simpson will reveal how top-performing MSPs have adapted their business strategy in key areas to overcome these challenges and thrive in the post-pandemic business climate. 

During our first of four Webinars in this series, we’ll reveal:

  1. The top 3 services that business owners are lining up to buy in 2022
  2. How high-performing MSPs are gearing up to sell, deliver and manage them
  3. The strategy you need to adopt to take full advantage of these opportunities
  4. The technical, security and backup strategies that increase efficiencies and profits while reducing risk

This webinar is best suited for business or technical leaders.

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Watch a 5-minute preview:

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