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2022 MSP Growth Hacks Series with Erick Simpson

Part Four: Make it all real. Operationalize Your Cloud and Cybersecurity Offering

It’s time for me to bring what we’ve learned over the prior 3 sessions in this 2022 MSP Growth Hacks Series all together in this 90-minute Workshop. I’ll be demonstrating key activities from each session while you follow along to complete your Cybersecurity bundling and pricing strategy, segment and prioritize your client list and perfect your sales approach to influence your clients to subscribe to your new cybersecurity services.

If you’re looking for proven ways to successfully position the value of; and urgency for, your clients’ more rapid adoption of cloud and cybersecurity services, attend this valuable Workshop!

This Webinar is for Business Owners, Operational, Technical and Sales Leaders

During the final session in this series, we’ll walk you through:

  1. Bundling and pricing your cloud, cybersecurity, and remote support services to accelerate sales velocity and maximize profit
  2. Having “the cybersecurity sales conversation” properly and converting your MSP clients into cybersecurity clients
  3. Role-playing the qualifying and sales closing processes to win the business!

BONUS: When you submit the on-demand form, you will receive pre-requisite materials to follow along as Erick Simpson completes a pricing and bundling exercise and conducts mock cybersecurity qualifying and sales closing meetings!

Watch a 5-minute preview:

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