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Getting Started with Cloud Manager: Command Center

Cloud Manager provides a centralized automation application for easy ticket resolution and day-to-day administration of services. You can even get ahead on MFA and mailbox phishing security threats for customers in just a few clicks. In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll walk you through the basics of the Command Center and show how you can safely test-drive many of its capabilities. Topics include:

  • Get a quick tour of key features and capabilities
  • Setting up customers and connectors
  • Best practices for using the Command Center to resolve tickets and service management tasks
  • Recommendations for first activities to try in the Command Center

All SkyKick Partners that are actively trialing Cloud Manager – or considering a trial – are invited to attend this training session.

Speakers include:  

  • Jenny Lee– Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Lincoln Cross - Sales Engineer

On-Demand Webinar