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30-min Cloud Manager Product Demo

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With the shift to Hybrid Work, customers are accelerating their adoption of cloud technologies – the average SMB now uses 30+ SaaS apps. And while IT partners are benefitting from the large managed services opportunity the cloud creates, they are also challenged by razor-thin service margins, increased customer expectations, and quickly evolving security threats.

30-Min Product Demo with Technical Expert

In this 30-minute webinar, SkyKick will provide an overview and live demonstration of Cloud Manager, a powerful new cloud management platform that enables partners to profitably and securely maximize the managed cloud services opportunity. Built-in automation brings cost-efficiency to reactive operations, while accelerating time-to-market for new revenue generating services like Cybersecurity and Microsoft Teams.

This webinar will cover 4 areas of the product and provide key use case examples, including

  • Using the Command Center to improve support help desk performance
  • Leveraging key capabilities to strengthen cloud security internally and across customers
  • Automating complex workflows and easily transforming them into point-and-click apps
  • Simplifying cross-cloud management through proprietary Connector Engine technology

This webinar is best suited for business or technical leaders looking to get an introduction to SkyKick's new Cloud Manager product.

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