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Jumpstart your cybersecurity practice

Research indicates 90% of customers are interested in buying security-related MSP services. But without the right tools and automation, it's easy for the MSP Help Desk team to get stuck in the crush of reactive tickets and away from proactive services that increase security or customer satisfaction. 

In this webinar, we're joined by renowned MSP expert, Erick Simpson as we explore key ways to build a more vigilant security practice, starting with top scenarios that customers find valuable and best practices for establishing a path to offer consistent, repeatable security services at a low cost. Built on research and close collaboration with leading MSPs, we'll share a simplified blueprint for a streamlined set of security offerings, with particular focus on the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, including: 

  • Assessing and configuring a strong baseline of security and information governance 
  • Monitoring essential compliance and security measures to get ahead of threats and gaps
  • Remediating and resolving security threats that emerge with speed and accuracy 
  • Protect against ransomware attacks

We'll also show how to put these initiatives into action with powerful new monitoring capabilities and easy to use automation inside Cloud Manager. Technical and business MSP leaders and practitioners will want to attend this event. 

About Erick Simpson 

Erick Simpson is an expert Channel Chief in IT business growth strategy and execution. He is one of the most recognized, and sought-after Security, Cloud and Managed Services business improvement and transformation experts, consultants, authors and speakers in the industry with over 54 publication.

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