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MSPs share 3 winning Microsoft 365 security-related tactics for a strong close to 2021

Customer interest in security is at an all-time high. Make it work for your revenue growth and customers' peace of mind. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, security breaches are up 148%, ransomware is up 6X and Microsoft is reporting that customer appetite for data security is up 73%. This is expected to increase even further as Hybrid Work arrangements become more mainstream. It is not surprising then that 90% of SMBs think of the MSP’s ability to offer cloud security solutions as critical to hiring or retaining the relationship. Are you ready?   

In this webinar, 2 savvy MSPs will share peer-to-peer insights on:  

  • How they have cracked the Microsoft 365 security profitability nut and adapted to the evolving hybrid workplaces while driving double-digit returns in the normal. 
  • Easy tactics and solutions EVERY MSP can offer today in security and data protection. And why these solutions can create 2021 revenues now and simultaneously open doors for deeper data and cloud security solutions for the years to come. 
  • Help jumpstart your own data protection business with 3 key tactics that you can implement NOW. 

This webinar is best suited for business or technical leaders.

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