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Get Ahead of 2024 Compliance Complexity 

A Deep Dive into Global Compliance & Data Protection Trends

November 28th

Get prepared for a strong 2024 with Gerard Doeswijk, Sr. Director of Legal & Compliance and SkyKick’s Data Privacy Officer, along with Varshaa Pallaath, Backup Product Marketing, as they chart the course for MSP Compliance & Cybersecurity success. This webinar will navigate through the IT Supply Chain Evolution, unpack the prevailing global trends in cybersecurity frameworks, and discuss their profound impact on international data standards. Learn how a robust Data Protection strategy is pivotal for staying ahead of the curve, and benefit from our experts as they provide key insights to secure a competitive advantage as the landscape advances towards 2024. 

What to expect

  • IT Supply Chain Evolution: Understand the IT Supply Chain Evolution and how the combination of compliance and cybersecurity frameworks could impact your operations.
  • Global Trends: Uncover how the latest Global Cyber Security Frameworks address Data Protection, gaining insight into how international standards are shaping the cybersecurity landscape (including Essential 8, Cyber Essentials & more).
  • Expert Insights for 2024: Gear up for a successful start to 2024 with Gerard as he imparts essential tips for optimizing the year's outset for both customers and partners.
  • Helpful Resources to Get Ahead as an MSP: Explore our Trust Center and benefit from downloadable content, showcasing how our data protection solution aligns with major frameworks.

Who should attend?

  • Existing SkyKick Cloud Backup Partners  - learn how to take advantage of these new features to get ahead of customer demand
  • MSPs evaluating new M365 backup solutions – see why thousands of Partners chose SkyKick



Gerard Doeswijk
Sr. Director Legal & Compliance

Varshaa Pallaath
Senior Marketing Manager

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