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2022 MSP Growth Hacks Series

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Let’s face it – you and your clients’ business needs have changed significantly in the last couple of years, and so has the industry at large. Coming out of the pandemic, Cybersecurity and the increased appetite for Cloud are both an opportunity and a threat for MSPs. To get ahead and win in 2022, your strategy should include playing defense and offense on these big trends.     

Are you ready to take action?

Join MSP, Cloud and Cybersecurity sales expert Erick Simpson as he presents a brand-new Webinar and Workshop series. Learn how to:  

  • Balance the business, sales, and technical aspects of leveraging cybersecurity and the cloud to accelerate your sales opportunities
  • Improve your technical services delivery activities
  • Use automation to maximize your profit margins

Who should attend this valuable new series: Business Owners, Technical, Operational, Technical and Sales Leaders.

Part 1: MSP Growth Strategy for the post-pandemic worldWatch On Demand

Part 2: Technical Webinar: Increase your service desk efficiency by 50% -Watch On Demand

Part 3: Become a pro at selling the Cloud, Cybersecurity and Peace of Mind -Watch On Demand

Part 4: Workshop: Make it all real. Operationalize Your Cloud and Cybersecurity Offering - April 7 | 11:00 am EST / 16:00 GMT


Your Speaker

Erick Simpson

IT Business Transformation & Channel Growth Expert
Erick is a technology business & channel growth expert, influencer, thought leader, speaker and author with 4 best-selling books and 50 white papers to his credit, and co-host of the ChannelPro 5 Minute Roundup Podcast. Learn more.

Webinar Schedule

Part 1: MSP Growth Strategy for the post-pandemic world

Watch On Demand

This is your year of change and opportunity – are you ready to sell, deliver, support and secure the services and solutions that post-pandemic buyers are now investing in more than ever before? According to McKinsey, businesses have increased their remote workforce adoption by 43 times, data security by 23 times and accelerated their migration to the cloud 24 times faster during the pandemic – and these changes are here to stay. 

If you’ve struggled with technician churn, customer attrition, stagnant business growth or lack of service efficiency and profitability the last couple of years, you were simply missing the right information and playbook. During this must-attend session, MSP, Cloud and Cybersecurity expert Erick Simpson will reveal how top-performing MSPs have adapted their business strategy in key areas to overcome these challenges and thrive in the post-pandemic business climate. 

During our first of four Webinars in this series, we’ll reveal:

  1. The top 3 services that business owners lining up to buy in 2022
  2. How high-performing MSPs are gearing up to sell, deliver and manage them
  3. The strategy you need to adopt to take full advantage of these opportunities
  4. The technical, security and backup strategies that increase efficiencies and profits while reducing risk
Part 2: Technical Webinar: Increase Your Service Desk Efficiency by 50% - Processes, Platforms and Automation

Watch On Demand

The pandemic has dramatically accelerated adoption of the cloud, Microsoft Azure and Teams for your customers with no end in sight, forcing you to react to this shift by adjusting your service delivery processes and strategy. Hopefully, you’re one of the few MSPs that have succeeded in taking full and complete advantage of this opportunity. But if you’ve struggled with simplifying and reducing the time, cost and complexity of delivering your on-boarding, incident management and ongoing maintenance services, this technically focused session will provide you the insight and strategies to overcome these hurdles. 

Who should attend this valuable session: This Webinar is for Technical Business Owners, Leaders and Teams Only.

Join MSP, Cloud and Cybersecurity expert Erick Simpson as he reveals the blueprint that his top-performing MSP partners use to realize a 50% or better improvement in cloud service efficiencies and profits in their overall service delivery; and specifically in their service desks, and how they are reinvesting these profits into their existing teams to improve morale, ward off churn and delay the need to hire costly new staff. 

This must-attend session will include technical deep-dives and demos with specific strategies and how-to’s to increase your service desk efficiencies that you can implement immediately! 

During this session (the second of our four Webinars in this series), Erick will:

  1. Reveal the top challenges MSPs face in client on-boarding and ongoing service delivery and management and how to solve them
  2. Share the processes and tools that simplify, automate and scale your Cloud, Azure and Teams services with less staff while improving tech satisfaction and morale
  3. Present his proven new client on-boarding, platform optimization and service desk incident lifecycle management process that has improved Erick’s partners service desk efficiencies by up to 50%
  4. Host a conversation with a high-performing MSP partner this is executing these strategies and include you in a Q&A session with them during this valuable session

BONUS: All attendees to this must-attend technical Webinar will receive Erick Simpson’s brand-new MSP Mastered® BP Guide: “Maximizing MSP Service Delivery Efficiency on the Service Desk: Platforms, Processes and Procedures” (Attendees will be provided a link and code at the end of the Webinar to download)

Part 3: Become a pro at selling the Cloud, Cybersecurity and Peace of Mind

Thursday, March 24 - 11:00am EST | 16:00 GMT

How do best-in-class MSPs position, sell and deliver enhanced cybersecurity and cloud services so easily, and leverage them to win business away from their entrenched competitors? And what are the minimum security services these mature MSPs require their clients to subscribe to without exception and how do they get them to say yes?

If you’re looking for proven ways to successfully position the value of; and urgency for, your clients’ more rapid adoption of cloud and cybersecurity services, attend this valuable Webinar!

Join me as I reveal the key strategies and tactics that mature, consultative MSPs use to win more cloud and cybersecurity business more easily than other providers; the minimum security services their clients must agree to, and how they manage cloud workloads securely and efficiently to grow client lifetime value and increase profits to reward staff and guard against employee churn.

This Webinar is for Business Owners, Operational, Technical and Sales Leaders

During the third of my four Webinars in this series, we’ll share:

  1. Bundling and pricing your cloud, cybersecurity, and remote support services to accelerate sales velocity and maximize profit
  2. How to conduct “the cybersecurity sales conversation” properly that guarantees clients and prospects will buy
  3. The 3 sales objections you will always get and how to easily overcome them

BONUS: All attendees to this must-attend technical Webinar will receive my MSP Mastered® Reference: “Erick Simpson’s Cybersecurity Sales Objections Crusher and Closing Reference”

Part 4: Workshop: Make it all real. Operationalize Your Cloud and Cybersecurity Offering

Thursday, April 7 - 11:00am EST | 16:00 GMT

Leveraging what you’ve learned in our previous 3 Webinars, join MSP, Cloud and Cybersecurity expert Erick Simpson as he leads our fourth and final session in this series. This workshop is a hands-on, get-down-to-business session that will guide you through every step in supporting and managing the Cloud, Cybersecurity and Remote Workforce Support services covered earlier in the series.  

Who should attend this valuable session: Business Owners, Operational, Technical and Sales Leaders 

Complete with live exercises, tools and expert coaching and guidance, this must-attend workshop is the final step in your journey to equip you with everything you need to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity 2022 affords you to scale and grow your business effectively, efficiently, and profitably. 

During the final Workshop session in this series, we’ll share: 

  1. Technical Thought Leadership – on-boarding checklists, security checklists, etc. 
  2. Business/Operational Thought Leadership – finalize bundling, pricing, sales proposals, SOWs 
  3. Sales Thought Leadership – sales plans, forecasting 


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2022 MSP Growth Hacks Webinar Series

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